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» Sun 15 Sep 2013

Mr Pip Wellington Premiere fundraiser

Red carpet, Andrew Adamson and Robin Scholes

» Thu 8 Aug 2013

Schools visiting library

This is a photo of Bovo Primary School visiting the Library at 1pm today. Other schools are coming through and Librarian Philippa Robinson and Alan Gioni are also starting to visit schools around the island. Thanks to Alan for photos.

» Wed 26 Jun 2013


The library was offically opened last Friday in a stunning ceremony on site. Ten speeches and performances from five different cultural groups made up the three hour event.

» Tue 11 Jun 2013

Library to be opened next week!

It might be easier to attend our Wellington celebration than to get to Arawa for the opening.

» Tue 11 Jun 2013


Bougainville Library Trust

The Bougainville Library Trust is working with local people to plan, build, stock and fundraise for a community library in Arawa, Bougainville.

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